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Thailand Community Development

Discover Amazing Thailand and Contribute to Community Development Projects

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Discover the delights of the Phang Nga province when you travel to southern Thailand and contribute to the education of local impoverished children by improving the community's non-formal education centre, helping to transform it into a key place of learning. Immerse yourself in traditional Thai culture and enjoy the region's stunning beaches with crystal clear waters.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals



Travel to breath-taking Thailand, and get involved in community renovation projects in the Phang Nga province of southern Thailand. This trip provides your students with a truly unique view of Thailand that most tourists miss out on, a region that is rich in stunning beaches, crystal clear water with adventure and surprise at every turn. Your efforts and resources will be focused on the local Non-Formal Education Centre to make improvements to transform the centre into a key place of learning and community. Depending on the requirements of the community, you may also have the opportunity to work on projects in surrounding schools.

Project Aims and Objectives

As a group you will get a real taste of the Thai way of life. The experience will offer a holistic and well-rounded insight into development issues facing the region and the measures GVI teams and partners are taking in response. Besides hands-on construction activities, you will become immersed in the culture through community initiatives promoting environmental education to local community groups and schools. Throughout the trip, there will be an emphasis on personal development of skills such as teamwork and leadership.

Our strong local partnerships along with stakeholder discussions drive the service elements of our trips to ensure they are fully focussed on the most prevalent issues and produce the results required locally.


Contribute to our long-term conservation and community projects, immerse your students in a Thai community, relax on beautiful beaches, experience local Thai culture working alongside students and community members; explore the stunning surrounding areas.


GVI’s Thailand project is located in Phang Nga Province, two hours North of Phuket with The Andaman Sea to the West and Phang Nga Bay to the south. The province is blessed with an abundance of natural resources, numerous national parks and beautiful scenery, white sandy beaches, tropical islands and majestic limestone rock formations and, of course, the warm hospitality of Thai locals.

Phang Nga's short, mid, and long-term objectives
All of our programs have short, mid and long-term objectives that fit with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This enables us to report on our collaborative impact across the world in a streamlined manner, measuring which UN SDGs we are making a substantial contribution to. Furthermore, this will help our local partners and communities measure and visualize their contribution to the UN SDGs.

Upon arrival to base, you will be educated about the history of the UN SDGs. You will learn about the specific goals of your location, the long-, mid- and short-term objectives, and also clarification of how your personal, shorter-term involvement contributes to these goals on a global level.

Our aim is to educate you on local and global issues, so that you continue to act as active global citizens after your program, helping to fulfil our mission of building a global network of people united by their passion to make a difference.

Learn about the long-term objectives you will be contributing to in Phang Nga:

1. To provide equal, quality education to children of all backgrounds.

2. To Promote Good Health and Wellbeing through education to all children

3. Increase skills for local people to assist with equal employment opportunities in our communities within Takuapa and Ban Nham Khem

4. Increase awareness of local populations to environmental issues and facilitate change towards sustainability through scientific studies.

5. Increase our in-country capacity by providing environmental and conservation education and training

6. To assist and develop local coastal conservation efforts through providing practical support to project partners, data collection, awareness raising and habitat restoration
The GVI staff was so friendly and supportive – they couldn’t have made it any easier for me and my fellow volunteers!
- James Wilson (United Kingdom)

Program Details

Program Type Schools , University
Location Asia - Phang Nga - Thailand

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Health & Safety

At GVI we take health and safety very seriously. We run comprehensive risk assessments for each of our activities, in each of our locations, and are prepared for any eventuality, no matter how unlikely.

We have over 150 expertly trained staff members who live alongside the local communities in our locations year-round. This means that we know the areas intimately, and have dedicated, experienced professionals available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We keep in regular contact with relevant embassies and foreign offices, ensuring that we’re able to give you the most up-to-date information and travel advice regarding our locations.

Our Risk Assessments and Emergency Action Plans follow a comprehensive quarterly review process and can be provided to you upon request.

Teacher Info

Additional Teacher Info

GVI runs curriculum, CAS and experience focussed service learning opportunities around the world on multi-award winning trips. With over 25,000 travellers since inception, GVI's know how to ensure safe, life-changing challenges that make a real difference, fostering global citizenship and intercultural understanding. Staffed and resourced by GVI all year round, our projects offer unique opportunities to engage in long-term, high impact work, whilst experiencing deep cultural immersion and some adventure.

A teacher travels free with groups of ten or more students!

GVI provides 24/7 support from our experienced staff who are based full-time on the ground, as well as support from HQ. An experienced group leader will accompany the group, taking overall responsibility for the safety of the group.

Please note prices are subject to seasonal fluctuation and will vary depending upon the needs of the group.

**Optional extras include travel insurance and flight services

Example Itinerary 

Day 1: Arrival at Phuket Airport, Transfer and Orientation

You will be met at Phuket airport by a GVI staff member or an appointed representative. The group will travel immediately to the project location In Phang Nga province. Students will be accommodated in dorm style rooms or homestays and will have a chance in the afternoon to relax and settle into their rooms and new surroundings. During the day the group will sit down to a presentation on GVI's health and safety requirements in Thailand and during project work, the history and background of GVI’s work in Thailand and an introduction the various field staff members.

In the afternoon, the group will head out for an orientation tour to learn a bit more about the local area and language.

Day 2-6: Service Work and Reflection

The work begins! Depending on the needs of the community and our local partners at the time you will be involved in a construction and/or renovation projects. The group can expect to be involved in the maintenance and decoration of a classroom, community centre, which may also include furniture renovation and mural painting as well as construction projects from scratch. Students will also spend a portion of their service time working with the local Thai community. This will be in the form of providing supplementary, activity-based educational support in local schools and community groups. Days are tiring but equally rewarding with plenty of time for fun!

A key ingredient to this week will be the focus on teamwork. Being immersed in the local community will give the group an opportunity to experience a new and fascinating culture while contributing to projects in a meaningful and genuine way. There will be time set aside each evening for group and individual reflection. This is also a time to discuss the day’s achievements and ways in which the group can effectively prepare for the next day’s work.

Other activities during the week may include mangrove forest planting, a visit to a rubber plantation plot, which is a large part of local economy in Southern Thailand, local handicraft making session and a Thai cooking class.

Day 7: A Fond Farewell

GVI field staff transfer the team back to the airport and bid them a fond farewell! GVI will endeavour to keep the group informed of any updates there might be in the field and with particular reference to the projects volunteers contributed to during their time in Thailand, through "GVI Live" on social media.

**Your trip can be extended to include additional side trips and / or further service work.

What's Included

  • 24-hour emergency phone
  • 24-hour in-country support
  • 24/7 back up and support
  • A dedicated trip co-ordinator
  • Access to Alumni Services and Discounts
  • Access to local medical facilities
  • Accommodation
  • Airport pick-up (unless otherwise stated)
  • All necessary project equipment and materials
  • All necessary project training by experienced staff
  • Comprehensive health and safety procedures (Emergency Action Plans and Risk Assessments)
  • First aid equipment
  • Flight booking service on request
  • Food and drinking water
  • Group leader
  • Highly experienced and well qualified GVI field staff
  • In-country support
  • In-country transport costs
  • Insurance on request
  • Location orientation
  • Long term experienced staff
  • Meals while on project (except on work placements for long term internships)
  • Pre-departure information
  • Risk assessments
  • Safe and basic accommodations (usually shared)
  • Up-to-date safety and country information
  • Welcome meeting

What's Not Included

  • Additional drinks and gratuities
  • Additional spending money
  • Extra local excursions
  • Flights
  • International and domestic airport taxes
  • Medical and travel insurance
  • Personal kit
  • Police or background check (where necessary)
  • Vaccinations
  • Visa costs
  • Visas

Why Choose GVI?

There are many reasons why you should consider GVI for your group trip. Allow us to take you through some of the important points:

  • GVI has over 15 years of experience - Since we began in 1997, we have sent over 20,000 young people on trips all over the world. Most describe their experience with us as life-changing with a 95% approval rate from our customers

  • We are a ground operator - We run and staff our projects 24/7, all year round which means we understand and know the area you will be visiting enabling us to deliver a high quality level of support, safety and training at very competitive prices

  • Our variety of programs is unique and unrivalled - We offer language courses, community and conservation projects, leadership programs, cultural immersion, adventure activities and mountain trekking.

  • Peace of mind - You know that our projects make a real and positive impact on the local communities you visit. Since we started we have developed over 150 projects around the world.

  • Project ownership - We run our projects in partnership with local communities, according to the needs on the ground, so you know they are genuinely worthwhile

  • We are different from most other school providers - We already have projects and programs in place. We have been working in these countries for over 15 years and are working hand in hand with the host communities to ensure their needs are being met.

  • Teachers/Educators travel free

  • Safety is our priority - We have comprehensive safety and back up procedures in place.

  • Flexibility - Our trips are available all year round so you tell us when you want to travel.

  • The GVI Charitable Trust - Enables your school to stay involved with your program after you return home.

  • Students will automatically become GVI members, enabling them to benefit from discounts on any future GVI trips.

  • There are opportunities for students to be GVI Ambassadors – excellent for university and college applications.


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