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Volunteer and Intern Abroad since 1997
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GVI’s international portfolio of award-winning projects and reputation, combined with our history of both employee volunteering and CSR program management provides an ideal basis for corporate partnerships. To this end, we’ve worked with a myriad of companies, including Unilever, Whole Foods Market and Kraft.

We can work with you, your employees or your clients to provide engaging, reputation-building programs that demonstrate your company’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility, to showcase a company which not only cares about global issues but invests in sustainable initiatives to create lasting change.



What you can do

We can work with you to develop a creative employee engagement program:

  • One of the best ways to engage employees is through volunteering. We can provide a corporate volunteering program that suits your specific needs including team-based and organisation-wide fundraising initiatives or skill-based volunteering across borders to enhance employee’s soft skills. We have run volunteering programs for a range of large companies, including Whole Foods Market and Kraft.
  • Focus on increased brand loyalty and employee morale through cause-related marketing. By collaborating with the Charitable Trust, we can align our interests, resources, and marketing to communicate our shared values to make a real difference.
  • Workplace Giving allows employees to donate through your payroll system, offering employees a convenient way to donate and gives you a vehicle to build community partnerships and boost employee morale.


What you can achieve

Our tailor-made service can help you find a project which aligns with the core values of your organisation:

  • Develop a cohesive corporate culture
  • Boost morale within your team, creating a source of pride and inspiration
  • Demonstrate the ethical values of your organisation
  • Raise awareness of global issues and the need for sustainable solutions


“In early 2013, MWH Global approached Global Vision International with a clear goal and vision – to improve water security, capacity, and quality in those areas of Fiji considered most vulnerable to water shortages. As I speak to you now, there are over one thousand people whose access to safe drinking water has been drastically improved as a result of this project.”

(An excerpt from a speech delivered by GVI’s Country Director in Fiji – Dan Lund – at an event covering MWH Global’s CSR efforts in Fiji, predominantly their Water Security Project.)