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VOLUNTEER IN Kilimanjaro

Shrouded in a veil of voluminous cloud and glacial ice sheets, the triple volcanoes of Kilimanjaro rise dramatically out of the expansive savannah plains. The highest peak on the African continent, the mighty mountain, its name so old that the origin is disputed, has challenged countless adventurers to conquer its summit of nearly 5000 metres. Along its lower slopes, troops of monkeys, small herds of buffalo, lone leopards, and even herds of elephant roam free among the dense forests.

Set at the foot of Kilimanjaro, two hours from Arusha, lies the town of Moshi, the main rest stop for international tourists looking to make their trek to the top of the mountain peak. Many employment opportunities for locals are based on the town’s popularity among international tourists. The main language used throughout Tanzania, and in Moshi, is Swahili, while many local employers are looking for staff that speak English fluently in order to support the needs of international visitors. Volunteers traveling to Tanzania can assist with the economic empowerment of the Moshi community by supporting English language learning local schools. As such it offers a great opportunity for those volunteers looking for teaching in Tanzania, Africa, programs. They can also work on projects design specifically to contribute to women’s empowerment in Africa through the academic and professional support of girls. The volunteer programs here are similar to volunteer opportunities in Arusha, Tanzania, but allow volunteers to contribute to rural development, regarded by many in the international development community, including the United Nations, to be a more critical development region than urban areas.

These projects allow participants to volunteer and climb mt Kilimanjaro in their free time. From short treks up the lower slopes of the mountain to full six-day ascents, options are available for travellers of varying skill, fitness, and daring. If this doesn’t satisfy your yearning for clear mountain air, volunteers in Kilimanjaro National Park, can take a two hour drive to Mount Meru, another dormant volcano a mere 500 metres lower than Kilimanjaro. A further day’s drive or short plain trip, will take you to the land of the ‘endless plains’, or Serengeti, in the language of the Maasai Mara people.

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