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Tropical Island Coastal Environmental Restoration in Seychelles

Contribute to the removal of invasive species on Curieuse Island to help native species recover.

Durations:  1 - 12 weeks

Program information

The idyllic island of Curieuse is home to threatened species unique to Seychelles like the giant Aldabra tortoise, Hawksbill turtle and the Sicklefin lemon shark. On this program, you might also help with replanting the mangroves and other coastal flora, making room for the return, recovery, and flourishing of seabird colonies and other species.

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Program overview

The colonisation of Curieuse island led to the introduction of several destructive invasive species, such as cinnamon, a spice once considered a pillar of the Seychelles economy, and cocoplum, a species previously planted to stabilise eroding soil, and rodents, introduced accidentally by travelling ships. 

On this program volunteers work on the rehabilitation of Curieuse Island by eradicating invasive species setting the scene for a return of native species like seabirds. You will also be participating in a range of other scientific monitoring projects like studying the island’s giant tortoise and mangrove populations. Throughout the program you will work with an international team of GVI staff, interns, and volunteers to assist the Seychelles National Parks Authority with collecting research data that will help them make decisions about sustainably managing the island’s fragile habitat and species. 


  • Live on the essentially uninhabited island of Curieuse, on the famously beautiful Anse St. Jose beach.
  • Gain work experience in conservation working to support a local government conservation organisation. 
  • Contribute to United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #15, Life on Land.
  • Help to restore the pristine island landscape of Curieuse Marine National Park.
  • In your free time visit neighbouring islands of the Seychelles archipelago such as Praslin or La Digue.

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GVI Africa, Seychelles, Curieuse