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    Peru Quiz

    Article by Jana Jansen van Vuuren

    Jana Jansen van Vuuren

    Posted: May 14, 2018

    While smaller than the state of Alaska, Peru features over 25 distinct biospheres, 1800 species of birds, 4000 species of butterflies and 3000 species of both orchids and potatoes. Its landscape is both beautiful and harsh, with elevations reaching 22205 feet or 6768 meters above sea level, temperatures that range from freezing to scorching, and rainforest flooded with water as well as deserts that haven’t seen rain in 30 years.

    We’ll soon be launching three new volunteering projects as well as an internship program in Peru in 2018, where participants will have the chance to contribute to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals #4, Quality Education, #5, Gender Equality, and #8, Decent Work And Economic Growth.

    Take our quiz to find out how much you already know about this fascinating Latin American destination, and maybe learn a few new facts.