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Declan, GVI Ghana Volunteer

Kakum National Park

Okay, so this next place is more for all of you nature lovers out there. Kakum National park. Kakum was named after the Kakum River and was originally a forest reserve from 1925. It wasn’t until 1992 that it became a national park. This park is an absolutely stunning tropical forest that’s on the coast of southern Ghana.

This forest is home to a various different animals such as forest elephants, antelopes, monkeys and much more. There’s plenty for you to do when you arrive there and you can really make a day out of the experience. For those who like to go hiking or backpacking, you’ll be able to go on a 30km and can really immerse into the nature. You can explore and see all the vast wildlife. If you’re a fan of camping then you’ll have the opportunity to do that as well, if you wish to.

Another fantastic activity you could do, if you’re brave enough is to go on the canopy walk! The canopy itself is 30 meters up from the ground and is 350 meters long. It may sound scary at first but it gives such a stunning view of the forest and is definitely worth checking out.

There’s also a museum which you can have a look at which is interesting for those who like the history behind such places. It also talks about the wildlife and gives insight into the medicinal plants that are used by the locals. Like a lot of places, you’ll be able to try the local food and drink. There are a number of places you can eat such as a rainforest lodge, a picnic area, a camping area and more. All in all, I think is an incredibly unique place and, just a few hours from GVI’s base, is really worth the visit.