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Plastic Pollution Quiz

By Jana Jansen van Vuuren 1 year ago
plastic pollution quiz
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According to the UN, combating plastic pollution is one of the key environmental challenges of our generation. Plastics cause harm to marine life when they are mistaken for food and cause the animal to starve or when they restrict movement and smother the animal. Toxins leaking from plastics also spread pollution around the ocean. Microscopic participle pieces are also consumed by plankton, who are then consumed by fish, and then larger fish, until apex predators like sharks and dolphins start showing a significant amount of plastic in their systems. This process is known as bioaccumulation, and also affects humans, when they consume fish and other seafood.

Switching to plastic alternatives isn’t that easy though. Our economies and our daily habits are heavily reliant on plastic. Packaging, of food, clothing, appliances, and a range of other items, are usually made out of plastic. To reduce your own use of these items, think of which single-use plastics you use most often and if you could find a more reusable solution. This could involve everything from reusable coffee cups, shopping bags, juice and smoothie cups, straws, bags, and takeaway containers. Share your journey to becoming more plastic-free on social media and ask your favorite brands to start providing more plastic alternatives. Learn more about the state of plastic pollution by trying your hand at our quiz. We’ve included ten important facts to get you all clued up about the current state of plastic pollution.