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3 Ways International Experience Can Boost Your Career

By Marike Lauwrens 3 years ago
3 Ways International Experience Can Boost Your Career | GVI
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There is a great amount of pressure on us to be successful in our careers and climb the corporate ladder. We feel torn between what we think we need to do and just wanting to roam free, travelling and exploring the world.

What if you could combine your wanderlust with your chosen career path? Ever considered working abroad? International work experience lets you do this and more! You get to work with people from different cultures, embark on new adventures and feast on traditional delicacies while chiselling away at your dream career.

1.Gain Valuable Work Experience As A Student


An unfortunate reality for college students is that most entry-level jobs need at least some sort of work experience. Most of us don’t have the necessary experience and can get discouraged by this. When looking into internships abroad, you can look forward to gaining transferable skills and valuable work experience to secure your future career. Most internships provide students with professional references, qualifications and even job placements. A student with work experience is more confident in their abilities and better equipped to enter the job market. Escape the catch-22 situation, add value to your resume and start living your dream!

2.Shift Your Career Into A New Gear


Even if you have years of work experience you can still spread your wings to broaden your horizons. Working abroad will give you hands-on experience and help you learn valuable new career skills. No matter your level of qualification or years of experience, an internship abroad is beneficial for anyone. Whether you are taking a sabbatical or want to make a career change, it is the ideal opportunity to build your global network. You might even meet your next business partner!

3.Become A Well Travelled, Employable Employee


Remember: Employers find people with varied work experience more employable. International experience will make you globally minded, which makes you more employable. A World of Experience is a report about the benefits of international experience released by the British Council, and it says that people with international experience are more flexible and adaptable in the workplace. Experience abroad is associated with confidence in a foreign language, an understanding of an intercultural society and innovative ideas. As a global citizen, you can prove that you are adaptable and can conquer any challenges that life may throw at you.

Are you ready to travel the world and kickstart your career in the right direction?

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