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Volunteer Work Abroad since 1997
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''I acknowledge the effort by GVI to improve the essence of life to the school children''

~Fiji Ministry of Youth and Sports

''The intercultural coexistence with GVI volunteers enriches their development ''

~Save the Children, Mexico

Volunteer on one of our many sports coaching opportunities and get active, see a new part of the world, and share your love of sport with disadvantaged children in low income communities. Teach a variety of sports such as surfing and soccer in South Africa, Costa Rica and India!

Besides the fun, excitement and obvious mental and physical benefits that regular exercise provides children, it also teaches many life-skills such as the importance of teamwork, communication and discipline and improving concentration.

No matter whether you are on a gap year from school, a student, on a career break or on an extended holiday, there is important work for you to be involved in, as you make an important contribution to the physical education of disadvantaged children around the world.

If you are studying, speak to our Country Experts about receiving academic credit. Our Programmes don’t just give you hands-on practical skills, but can also contribute towards your university or college qualification.


Our volunteers can find themselves working with children from a range of age groups at local schools, care centres or orphanages. Our projects aim to provide these children with a safe environment with encouragement, mentorship and socialisation. By offering a sports education to these children, we can help provide a much-needed distraction from more negative aspects of their lives, as well as offer them a route out of poverty and a path of excitement and promise.

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