About Us

GVI tackles critical local and global issues by operating award-winning education and training programs on sustainable development projects around the world, in partnership with renowned international partners.

GVI is a family-run organisation with an amazing culture and an awesome team of people across the world who aim to build a global network of people united by their passion to make a lasting difference.


Our award-winning projects receive over 2000 participants every year, and we’re proud to say that the vast majority of them describe their experience with us as ‘life changing’. Our approval rate from over 20 000 participants since 1997 is over 95%.


We operate our own programs and partner with local and international NGOs, government organisations and education institutions including Save The Children, WWF, The Red Cross, PADI, Project AWARE, the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society and the National Parks of South Africa, Costa Rica, Seychelles, Mexico and Thailand, among others.


With us you will make a difference on the ground, as well as to your own futures We provide you with the experiences needed to help you positively impact your access to higher education and employment.


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GVI In The News

GVI is one of the most well respected and prominent international volunteering organisations in world. Our opportunities have been featured in various international publications including The Times, The Independent, The Guardian and the BBC…

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Our Impact

What our Volunteers do here at GVI is pretty amazing, and it makes long term, sustainable contributions towards key global and local issues as contained in the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.

Founder's Story

In 1995, I was living on a remote beach in Malawi running a hostel I had bought from the local chief…

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Our Mission

At GVI, we embrace our mission to build a global network of passionate people, to make a difference

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At the core of everything we do at GVI, is our unique culture. It’s difficult to sum up, but let us try…

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