Volunteer Abroad

GVI offers over 150 different volunteer abroad projects in 25 countries all over the world. While Volunteering abroad you can play a crucial role in a wide range of conservation, education and community projects in Africa, South America, Asia, Europe and Central America.

We send over 2,000 people to volunteer abroad every year to help keep our projects sustainable and to ensure their positive impact on surrounding environments. All our volunteer work abroad projects are run alongside, and with the collaboration of, local partners and communities. This helps us to determine their needs to empower them to meet their goals.


There are different ways you can get involved, something for everyone!


Volunteer Abroad

Choose from over 150 hands-on volunteer projects in amazing locations around the world. Durations start from 1 week and can run to over a year. Make an impact, experience new cultures and explore locations restricted to normal tourists.


Volunteers will have the leadership and training from our world-class field staff who have been chosen for their mix of experience in the field and ability to mentor and inspire young people.

Internships Abroad

GVI offer outstanding international internships in Africa, Europe, Asia, and Central and Latin America. Many of our longer term internships include 12 weeks training on a GVI volunteer program followed by a 12-week work placement with GVI or one of our partners. Our shorter internships include just the placements with amazing organisations.

Under 18

Under 18 but still want to volunteer abroad? Look no further! GVI sends thousands of teenagers abroad every year through our specially designed under 18 volunteer projects.


Our projects aim to give young adults (aged 15 to 17), a perfect blend of volunteering, cultural and language immersion, skills training and adventure activities during their summer abroad.



Wildlife Conservation

Biodiversity is vital in the maintenance of a healthy ecosystem. These projects focus on the preservation of endangered plant and animal species and provide education to local communities so they can implement long term, impactful approaches to conservation.

Volunteer with Children

The best way to fight poverty is through education. We offer children a safe environment, with support, supervision, socialisation and education in a range of subjects, including basic math and English.

Marine Conservation

Marine ecosystems are very important for the overall health of both marine and terrestrial environments. Ocean waters serve as a critical source of food and valuable minerals to communities around the world. These projects focus on restoring damaged marine ecosystems and protecting endangered marine species.


The ability to read and write in English leads to higher paid jobs and offers people the chance to improve their standard of living. English teachers are our most commonly requested resource throughout the communities and schools we work with, a request that our volunteers help us fulfil.

Animal Care

Choosing to volunteer with animals can be a highly rewarding experience for all those concerned. A lack of information regarding the proper care of pets, domestic animals, and in some cases, wildlife as a whole, is severely lacking, resulting in a misunderstanding of many animal species and how to best care for them.


Access to healthcare varies across countries, groups and individuals and is largely influenced by social and economic conditions.  Our healthcare projects which aim to serve many areas of public health interest, such as hygiene, water security, HIV/ Aids awareness, maternal health, and the reduction of child mortality rates.


Proper infrastructure and efficient systems are key aspects to the health and well being of local communities. Our construction projects focus on addressing basic human needs and aim to help protect those most at risk.


Sport is recognised as a viable, valuable tool, when working with children. It helps fight depression, aids with better concentration, teaches the fundamentals of teamwork, respect for rules, and can be a great boost to individual confidence.

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Big waves at Badamier today, causing volunteers Kristin & Maya to construct a sea-wall so they could nap in peace! http://t.co/1qvk0heaVd
January 28, 2015


So what exactly are the APG school kids up to? (Other than a delicious dinner out tonight at Bang Niang Market)... http://t.co/U4roxn1LGy
January 28, 2015


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