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Before beginning my time with GVI, I was working in the craft beer industry in Japan. The American craft beer industry (which I was representing) itself works hard to push sustainable practices and supports the restoration of aquatic life; however, the society and the industry in Japan is still very far behind. Hoping to gain some credentials and hands on experience with what NPOs are doing to help our global problem of climate change, I stumbled upon GVI. I chosed to go into marine conservation as the decline of the oceans health is an issue that hits home for me, as I was blessed with growing up with the Pacific ocean down the street from my house. My experience with GVI was very surprising. Arriving not knowing what to expect, I instantly felt comfortable with the environment on base. The physical aspects of the base were something I know some people cannot get on board with, but I believe it’s all part of the experience of living within a jungle. The staff here really plays a big factor to the enjoyment on base. Each one having their strong areas, and all working well together keeping the place running as well as making sure we’re able to have the best opportunities to enjoy ourselves. The training was quick and effective and the support from the staff was impeccable. I was assigned to the coral groups. I took a look over the training manual before starting my program and most of the descriptions made no sense to me. After going through the workshops and coral spots with Stuart, Lydia and Andy I was surprisingly confident with identifying corals.