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Hi! My name is Susan Walker. I am a previous GVI staff member who just finished in the office and also was a volunteer and I recently requested to be an ambassador. I was a 6 month Mexico community intern and have been to Jalova and quepos. I know my line manager sent the request but I have not heard anything. I wrote a testiminal which is below. Please can you let me know what else I need to do? The main reason I would love be a GVI ambassador is because I absolutely loved my own GVI experience and I would love to help give others the same opportunity to have their own and also to help suport the partners that we work with. I chose to do the GVI Mexico community long term internship in the summer of 2015 as it seemed like a great opportunity to get relevant work experience in the area of community development and it would also give me that little bit extra with all the additional aspects of the Internship Program. Over my 24 weeks on project I got to know all 3 community programs really well and by the end of my time there I felt absolutely privileged to not only have been able to contribute and help support the amazing longterm, highly sustainable work the GVI Mexico partners undertake but I also met some absolutely amazing people who I already know will be friends for a lifetime. After my time on project, I got to know GVI even better by working in the Mexico office for a year and a half and I also had the chance to experience both the community and conservation programs in Costa Rica! I therefore have a lot of program knowledge and advice I can give that I think would be very useful to future volunteers!