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We arrived in the Seychelles on the 7th of January, immediately we were blown away by the incredible nature. Life on base at first was a little shocking to me but I got used to it so quickly and really started loving it. It made me see how fortunate we are to live the way we do at home but also how i don't need a luxurious life as long as it is fulfilling. Cap Ternay is an awesome place, after long dive days we would chill in the hammocks on base and listen to music. During the day we did our surveys and not rarely came across white tips and turtles. The underwater world has so much to offer, it's a world full of excitement and peace. On one weekend we did a trip to Bird Island which was probably the most exciting part of my two months in Seychelles. The conservationists showed us around the little beautiful island and explains its nature to us. On one evening, as the sun was setting, he invited us to witness how he releases a bunch of just hatched turtles. This was probably the most amazing thing I've ever seen. All in all can I say that the two months in the Seychelles were probably the best of my life, I've learned so much not only about marine biology and our environment but also about my self and about life. Thank you for everything, GVI! I hope to join on if your other projects soon!