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Living at GVI Jalova base for a month and a half was an incredible experience. Every day we would get up early and go out on the first survey of the day, seeing so many different species and experiencing things that couldn’t happen anywhere else. The surveys and training that I received definitely made my CV/resume more appealing to future employers by adding a unique workplace and experience in an international environment. It shows that I am committed to improving myself and going far and wide to participate in new activities and undergo research. The program impacted me in more ways than just learning the different species living in the jungle and oceans around base. My experiences taught me about world issues like climate change, and how human disposal of rubbish into waterways, oceans and forests can cause distress to the environment and the species that inhabit it. Living in the thick of it pushed me to now work on completing my university degree in conservation and aim to work in a place like Jalova once graduated to help wildlife research and conservation. The support from GVI staff both off and on base during my volunteering time was excellent. The phone calls and emails prior to my departure to Costa Rica helped give myself and family confidence that I was going to a safe and reliable place. Staff members on base were supportive, fun and easy to talk to. Everyone was very inclusive and I had no trouble being around the same people for many weeks. All in all, this was an experience that I will never regret! I would repeat this program again and change nothing. I would recommend this program to absolutely anyone who is interested in learning more about conservation and the ecosystem, and animal lovers everywhere. Thankyou GVI for such an awesome experience.