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Never have I ever valued toilet paper so much and the fact that you are allowed to flush it. Never have I ever thought I would compromise with how many small bugs there are in my bed. Never have I ever been in a place so beautiful that my pictures look photoshopped. Never have I ever loved people whom I only spent a month with so much. Never have I ever experienced loving every minute of a month. I will never forget the first time we went down to baie Ternay. It was paradise on earth. I will never forget the first time we dove beneath the crystal clear blue water and all the fish which swarmed around us. I have always loved the ocean and always wanted to be a diver. It was my boyfriend’s idea to go. As time went by and we came closer to the departure date my exceptions had become pretty high. My time on the Seychelles exceed my wildest imagination. We spent every day diving in the most beautiful ocean I have ever seen. We laughed, listened to great music, danced and enjoyed our lives to the fullest with people at my own age and people at my Moms age. I have never felt more alive than in the Seychelles. And every time from now on when I see “Finding Nemo” or BBC’s “the Blue Planet” I will name all the coral fishes. The staff on base was amazing and was always willing to help. I have a problem taking my mask of under water which you have to do when you are taking the divers certificate, but one of the staff went down with me, just the two of us and she helped me through it in my pace and made sure I did not ascend without having completed all the drills. I remember answering a questionnaire from GVI about my stay. One of the questions was if I ever wanted to go again and if I would recommend GVI to anyone. Answer? Absolutely!