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I have learnt so much about sea turtles and the threats that are posed to them and in the broader context of climate change and the significance it has to their survival. I had the chance to hear many stories from around the world and got to meet and volunteer with amazing people. It was such a rewarding experience to be involved in this organisation and I left knowing that I've done something worthwhile during my semester break. This experience has encouraged me to pursue organisations which are related to my engineering degree in the context of climate change. It was important to see the many different aspects in which climate change and marine conservation impact the world. Throughout this experience, I got to work on the field where we were each person was designated a task. As a team, these tasks were efficiently completed. These skills are essential in career I hope to pursue where you would often work in teams when managing a project. Volunteering with GVI made my first volunteering experience less daunting. The support from GVI for both prior and during the. This opportunity would not have been possible without GVI, and I'm looking forward to become involved in future projects