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In my past I played around with the thought of doing diving as a hobby.Finishing school gave me the perfect opportunity to try that out intensely. I researched my possibilities, waged and figured that the Seychelles must be a place to go to then. I did the Marine Conservation Project on Seychelles-Cap Ternay for two month. After my arrival on June 28th my project began straight away and I quickly became a part of the team consisting of 6 staff and about 15 other volunteers whom which I can say I consider good friends by now. After the first week of getting introduced to every bit of our campus, options, duties, dangers, and our general program-time one already feels like you accomplished lots. By the end of the second week one generally is officially an Advanced Open Water Diver and a first and second emergency responder. The learning does not stop here! After one feels ready to take the exam they do so. You have to take it in order to actually participate in the science part of the program. After you accomplished that you are also an official Coral Research Diver which is a special skill in the Padi universe. I couldn’t stop myself there, so I took the time to additionally do my Rescue Diver here on Seychelles for the sake of it; one of my best decisions here! The training pays of and the knowledge is useful. Apart from the project itself the weekends were beautiful and always full of activity: exploring, sighting and just chilling. We had some calm days with nothing really happening in the sea but we also had amazing days where we were able to see sharks, octopus, dolphins, turtles, barracuda, rays and a ton of fish. The most astonished I was, was when we were pushing the boat out one day in the morning and looked back and saw a lemon shark about 2-3 meters long - it was beautiful! The island-life is a different life and it definitely formed me in a way; a good way. If you think about having a similar experience, I advise you to stop thinking and to just do it.