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GVI's partnership with Archelon is amazing and to actively help protect the Loggerhead turtle is very rewarding. Having been on a package holiday and seeing a turtle I was inspired to get involved on a conservation programme. This unique project involved searching for new nesting turtles and fresh tracks. Once we found a nest we protected it with a metal grid to prevent wildlife digging up the eggs. Techniques such as this gives hatchlings the best chance of survival with only one in a thousand generally making it to an adult. Camp life could be challenging but it was key to be so close to the area we was surveying. From the moment I arrived all my fellow volunteers were in high spirits and excited. It was especially nice to interact with people from all over the globe with a passion for marine life. All of the staff was very inspiring and I certainly aspire to be involved for an entire season. Volunteers learn about the conservation/scientific aspect of the work undertaken. In addition this we was also taught about the social side which is interdependent with tourism. I highly recommend this project and feel it would be the perfect alternative to a package holiday.