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Since I was a kid I have had this dream to live in the jungle. I wanted to explore the rainforest and fall asleep to the sound of wild animals. So when I started looking for something to do during my gap year between high school and medical school and came upon GVI’s Wildlife Expedition in Costa Rica, I knew instantly that that was what I wanted to do. I went for a month in April 2017 but I wish I could have stayed longer. Life in Jalova was almost completely sealed off from the rest of the world and very primitive and different from my life in Sweden. We went on surveys every day which, for example, could be walking knee deep in mud in the middle of the rainforest looking for wildlife, cruising down the canals in a canoe scanning the canopy for birds or walking 5 hours on the beach at night hoping to run in to a turtle so you could tag it and mark the nest. Every survey was different from the last and I was lucky to see a lot of amazing wild animals. Between surveys the staff and us volunteers had a lot of time to get to know each other. We played games, volleyball and laughed a lot. Even though we all came from different parts of the world we became like a family there in Tortuguero National Park.