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On the 27th of July 2017 I boarded a plane in Dublin and embarked on a journey that I now consider the best experience of my life. Travelling over 6,000 miles was a daunting task for a 16 year old girl who had not previously ventured outside of Europe, but the trip was worth every butterfly in my stomach. The two weeks that I was fortunate enough to spend in Phang Nga were incredible and it was a trip I will never forget. Not only did I experience the beauty of Thailand and its wildlife but I was also able to participate in volunteering which I feel made a real difference in the community. As we painted the classrooms of the school in over thirty degree heat, the face of every volunteer was dripping with sweat, as well as grinning from ear to ear. It was difficult not to enjoy the hard work when the cheerful face of a Burmese child appeared in the doorway every few minutes to flaunt the new English words they had learned. I was both shocked and inspired by their confidence, happiness and kindness. I must admit that throughout my life I had never felt such a sense of pride and accomplishment as I did when we finished the renovations at that school. During this trip, not only was I inspired by the work we did, but also the GVI leaders, the other volunteers, the Thai locals, and the animal sanctuaries we visited. My eyes have been opened to a different culture and I have developed an understanding of the importance of the conservation of wildlife. I would like to thank everyone at GVI for giving me this opportunity and especially the leaders on my trip for being so incredibly supportive and helpful throughout.