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After completing 4 weeks here at the GVI base in Cap Ternay I can say that it has been an incredible, eye-opening experience. I came here because I wanted a new experience and something that would allow me to find drive and motivation in life. Before arriving I was going through the toughest year of my life, 6 months earlier I had just come out of rehab and although drugs were no longer a part of my life I found it very difficult to get back on two feet and find motivation to move forward. Once arriving, I immediately felt comfortable because of the warm and helpful staff. Having a clear cut daily schedule and tasks set out to complete I found it a lot easier to wake up and start the day. Full days of learning, diving, socializing and sun-tanning meant that at the end of the day I had a feeling of accomplishment. My time here really help me find new direction in my life, I now am sure I want to pursue ecology and natural science as a profession and working to protect the beauty of nature, which is more evident here than anywhere is what I want to do. It has also made me really keen on diving, being underwater in another world, knowing many different species from the teaching of the science staff (invertebrates in particular) and actually doing something to protect these diverse reefs. Now that my stay comes to an end I wish I could spend another two weeks or even a month here. Thank you for a life changing two weeks.