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What made you want to volunteer in Greece with GVI?** I wanted to volunteer with GVI this summer to help make a positive change for my generation and future generations by protecting the environment while experiencing the Greek culture. I have always been passionate about the environment and I felt that by joining this project I could spread my knowledge and learn from others about the world we live in and how to protect it. **What was the best part of the project?** The best part of this project was meeting new people from all around the world who ended up in the same place because of a shared passion. By connecting with others, I was able to share my culture with the volunteers and staff while they taught me about their culture and their way of life. It amazed me how passionate the staff members were about the project, and their extremely positive attitudes made me more invested in the project. **Describe your favourite moment on the Greece project.** My favourite moment on the Greece project was my first relocation. While counting the eggs and transferring them from egg chamber to bucket, I realized that because of my actions, I could be saving the one turtle in one thousand that survives to adulthood. The first-hand experience of relocating the eggs made me really care for the turtles and changed a description about the project to a real-life situation with emotional ties and memories that I will never forget. **How were GVI staff and Archelon volunteers? Did they make the project enjoyable?** The GVI staff made the project enjoyable because of their overall enthusiasm for the project and positive attitudes. No matter the situation, the staff members stayed enthusiastic, making the project more exciting for volunteers. Finally, the staff truly cared about us as volunteers and made sure our experience was both safe and pleasant. **What have you learned during the course of the project?** I have learned how to inform the public about the issues related to the loggerhead turtle population and to respect others intentions while teaching them about how a simple change in their lifestyle could make a great change in the lives of sea turtles. Not only this, I have learned how to identify nests and find the actual chambers containing the eggs. **How do you feel the work you have done here has made a difference?** The work I have done here has made a difference because only one turtle in one thousand turtles survives to adulthood. I have protected hundreds of eggs in the past few weeks, and believe that I saved the one turtle that lives through future generations. **What would you say to a friend who is thinking about joining next year?** I would tell them to realize how their work is truly making a difference and that really getting the most out of the project will make investing their time worth it. Life is what you make of it, and knowing you are making a difference that will affect your children and grandchildren is an action worth making. **Do you have any last messages for the GVI team and Archelon?** Keep traveling and making the world a better place! Thanks to GVI for a wonderful two weeks and showing me how investing my time and work can make a huge difference.