Thailand Coastal Conservation Short Term Internship

Kickstart your career in conservation by completing this coastal conservation internship in Thailand.

Durations:  4 - 12 weeks

Program information

Start building your conservation skill set in Southern Thailand. Join other international interns to work toward United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, UN SDGs, #14, Life below Water and #15 Life Below Land, by assisting the Thai government with turtle conservation, beach plastic pollution cleanup, island conservation, and environmental education.

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Program overview

Put yourself ahead of the curve in the competitive conservation field by completing an internship in Thailand. Interns are based in the village of Ban Nam Khem on the coast of the Andaman Sea. Here, GVI have been running a long-term international development project, both conservation and community, for several years. In accordance with international development best practices, all GVI projects are aligned to the goals of local partner organisations as well as the objectives set out by the 17 UN SDGs. Exact project details at the time the intern chooses to book onto this conservation internship is determined by the evolving needs of local conservation partner organisations.


  • Get a headstart in your conservation career, bulking up your college application or resume.
  • Learn about and participate in sea turtle conservation research, bird surveying, camera trapping, island conservation, marine debris and plastic pollution, as well as the importance of environmental education.
  • Contribute to UN Sustainable Development Goal #14 and #15, Life Below Water and Land and Life.
  • Live and work with GVI staff and other participants from around the world.
  • Experience the truly awe-inspir