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World Water Day 2016: How The World Is Raising Awareness

By Tyler Protano-Goodwin 3 years ago
World Water Day 2016: How The World Is Raising Awareness
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Every year World Water Day is celebrated on March 22nd focusing on international water consumption and global access to potable water.

This year the day focuses on the 1.5 billion workers whose jobs are within the water sector.

The majority of these workers deal with the transportation or ease of access to clean water, even though they themselves often lack this basic right. In general, these workers are not recognized or protected by basic labor laws, which would impact and change both the lives of the individuals and subsequently society as a whole.

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Cities across the world are hosting a diverse range of events for World Water Day, meaning that there are plenty of ways for you to get involved.

Each country has its own way in which it is participating, however if your nearest city does not currently have something organized individuals are encouraged to create and host their own local event.

Get inspired! Get creative! Work towards sustainable change!

Here are how some countries are participating in World Water Day 2016:

The United States will be getting decked out in blue! The idea is to bring as much blue as you can into your life for World Water Day. Either dress head to toe in blue, bring an all blue lunch to the office, or go all out and paint your face any shade of blue that best suits you.

• In the United Kingdom donations will be made for every individual who requests a free cistern displacement device. Easily installed in your toilet this device cuts down on the amount of drinkable water that is regularly flushed down your toilet. Not only will World Aid make a 15-pound donation for your efforts, but a family of four will end up saving an average of 20 liters of usable water every single day.

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• Pakistan will be taking the whole month to celebrate. The Pakistan Youth Parliament for Water will be organizing educational youth events throughout March in a variety of locations and venues.

Canada has a range of events going on throughout the country. One initiative is with The Blue Community Project which is working to ban the sale of bottled water at municipal buildings and during municipal events. Already 18 ‘blue communities’ have been established!

Join one of GVI’s volunteer programs in order to continue your efforts past March 22nd!