Why Mustangs need you!

By GVI Florida Volunteers 5 years ago
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Choosing a volunteer project is never easy, and obviously there are multiple possibilities and factors that might influence your decision. Many volunteers at the Wild Horse Rescue Centre have a particular interest in horses, riding experience or a personal connection of some sorts. Many others however just want to try something new and learn about something they perhaps have previously not encountered! It’s not a requirement to fall into either of these categories – in fact we welcome anyone with a bucketful of enthusiasm and a great positive attitude! 

One of the key deciding factors for many in choosing where to dedicate their time, is however, the difference that the project will make and the importance of it. The Wild Horse Rescue Centre provides care and support to abandoned and neglected Mustang horses. In the 1990’s the wild Mustang population in the US was estimated at over 2 million, reduced today to only 40,000 with a similar number in captivity, in need of rescue. The center is working hard to support the latter category, and rehabilitating them from circumstances of neglect and abuse.

Many of the horses are unaccustomed to a captive environment and therefore behave in a way that is unmanageable for their owners. As a result they do not receive the care and support that they need, suffering a range of negative consequences. The center works to rehabilitate them, providing therapy to bring them back to a condition which can be managed in captivity. Alternatively, those which are beyond this help, are offered a secure and supportive environment in which to live, as they cannot be re-homed in this condition.

Volunteers are making a huge difference by supporting this work with vital manpower- taking care of the horses is not easy and the more volunteers that help, the more horses that can be cared for. This also increases opportunities for horses to receive one-to-one therapy and care.