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    Things to do in Beautiful Ghana: Mole National Park

    Posted: December 2, 2020

    So this week’s ‘must-see’ here in Ghana is the breath-taking Mole National Park (pronounced Mole-ayy). Another highly recommended location for all the nature lovers out there, Mole has a lot of awesome animals which you’ll be able to see up close! Mole National Park is actually the biggest wildlife reserve in Ghana, and was also the first National Park to be established in the country.

    Located in the north of the country, it takes up to 8 hours by bus from GVI base, but is well worth the visit. You’ll want to make a weekend of it and stay in one of the beautiful park lodges where elephants, warthogs, monkeys and more will roam free around you. You can choose to go on safari by car or on foot. As there are few predators at the park, you’ll be able to see some of the wildlife up close, provided that you stay with the wildlife ranger who’ll be there to guide you!

    At the park, we recommend Zaina Lodge for accommodation with a viewing platform overlooking a watering hole where (if you’re visiting in the dry season from Sept to March) you’ll still be able to see herds of elephants early in the morning and towards the evening.

    Whilst you’re staying at the park, you might also enjoy going to visit the village of Mognori. The village is east of the park and the locals are very welcoming. There are a range of activity’s that they offer such as a canoe safari, where you’ll be able to see more wildlife such as crocodiles and birds. You can have a tour around the village and learn a bit about the culture, including activities such as drumming and dancing performances which are absolutely full of joy and energy. Get involved!