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The Mombasa Project

By 6 years ago
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I had no idea what to expect before I came out to the Mombasa project. However, straight away the whole group got on really well and we went out for drinks on the first night and had a fab time! The island of Mombasa is nothing like I’ve ever seen before, it’s so busy, yet everyone is so friendly.

Working at Olives Rehabilitation Centre is amazing. Even the walk through the village to school you get every child run up to you and hold your hand, shouting “jambo jambo…how are you, how are you”.

The childern at Olives are just incredible. It’s bad to say but you do get your favourites straight away and you can’t help but fall in love with them.

Having only been here for a few days so far, I am already loving it. At first, the idea of standing in front of nearly 50 children sounds so daunting but as soon as you get in there, it’s absolutely fine and you easily get into the swing of things.

By volunteer, Bethany