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Precious Speak Out!

By 5 years ago
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Last week saw the birth of a new after-school activity; Newspaper Club.  Twelve students from Standards 5, 6 and 7 were hand-picked by the GVI volunteers for their imagination, creativity and enthusiasm in English lessons.
The first meeting was mainly a briefing of what I want us to achieve in the following weeks.  I also brought in some newspapers to give them an idea of the subject matter we could cover in our newspaper.  Unfortunately, this turned into a massive gossip-fest for some of the girls from Standard 6 as there was an article on what was going to happen in that evening’s episode of ‘Mara and Clara’ (a very popular US sitcom with the Shauri Yako teens!)
I managed to keep a hold of their wavering attention, just, and we held a vote to decide the name of our newspaper.  The first suggestion was by far the best, in my opinion, Precious Speak Out, the others included; Nyali Courier, Precious Newsand Precious Times.  However, after a democratic vote and a nail-biting ballot count the results were in…. 
Precious News was the winner amidst a cloud of controversy.  The matter is still under discussion.


During the second meeting of the Newspaper Club, subjects were allotted to each member of the group and we decided when each student would get to use a laptop to research their topic.  The laptops used were kindly donated by ex-GVI volunteers.  Today was the turn of the first four students who were researching, in no particular order; the new Kenyan Constituency, Mexican Staple Foods, the Champions League Final and Career Tips (this week how to become a pilot).

Keep posted for the first issue of Precious News (working title)!!!
Natasha Richardson.