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Plant a Seed and Watch It Grow

By 6 years ago
Categories Cape Town

This week at Rainbow Centre, Cornelia asked us to teach the top class about nature. She told us she really wanted to teach them about plants and gardening, but that she didn’t have any soil or pots to show them; she told us just to think of a fun activity to plan with the kids instead.
When we arrived the next morning with a bag of soil, a pot for each child, and seeds to grow beans, Cornelia was ecstatic! We even brought in stickers and markers for the kids to decorate their pots to make them their own.
Over the next two days we helped the children decorate the pots, fill them with soil, and plant their bean seeds. For safe-keeping, they placed the pots in the bath tub in their play area.
It has been amazing coming into Rainbow every morning since then and seeing all the children hovered over the bath tub as they check on their plants and water them. They are so excited to watch the beans grow, and it is amazing to see how much they have learnt just by doing this little project! I can only hope that even once I leave the center, the plants will still continue to grow.
Sami Jones – Masiphumelele Volunteer