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One of the best parts of living at Pez Maya is...

By 3 years ago
Categories Featured, Yucatan

One of the best parts of living at Pez Maya is the conservation work everyone gets to take part in. There are three main fields that we are trained to monitor here: point intercept, coral communities and fish. This monitoring helps us study key species on the reef. Then, by looking at how healthy these groups are, we are also able to see how healthy the reef is as a whole. In addition, our two newest volunteers, Michelle and Gege, are gathering data for Project Aware coral watch program. Coral Watch studies the health of the coral through colour determination. Together, we have completed the data for one site so there is a lot of information being compiled! We are all very excited about this and hope for good weather next week so we can continue the remaining sites.

Also this week, we had four volunteers go to Punta Allen and work with the children there. Getting involved with the community is very rewarding and volunteers are able to teach basic and advanced English to the locales. Plus at the end of the day, everyone is able to visit the empanada truck which is the perfect ending to a great day.

On Friday, we went to Muyil, to visit the ruins. There was an amazing temple and two very entrances to cenotes that were the size of car batteries! It was nice to go with everyone and experience the local culture and learn a little bit about the history of the area. All in all we are looking forward to our next and final week here in Mexico!


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