Olives students go swimming ...

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Swimming with Standard Four….


I’m into my second week living and teaching in Mombasa. My class is at Olives Standard Four.


Standard Four

On Tuesday along with three other volunteers we got to take Standard Four for swimming lessons at a local hotel swimming pool.
Students soon conquered their fear of the water


First we got the children to swim a width  at the shallow end of the pool to see what standard they were at. Then we split them into three groups according to level of ability; Children who could swim, the children who were able to with the help of the swimming aids and the children who were afraid to even get into the water.I took the last group who did not know how to swim at all, so we used the baby pool which was next to the big pool. Here I got them to kicking their legs while holding the side of the pool and blowing bubbles in the water.

Lots of smiles all round….
It only took a short while for the fear to disappear and they were all having a great time. At the end of the lesson the children that wanted to were able to go on the slide located in the big pool. They all wanted to…. so one of the volunteers was by the ladder and two volunteers in the water catching the kids and helping them out of the water. The children loved it their faces had the biggest smiles I have ever seen which also included me as I could not stop smiling either.
Volunteer Tracy with students from Standard Four
 By Tracy Hennelly