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No Day the Same

By 6 years ago
Categories Cape Town

Week three already at Ikhayalethemba and as suspected it’s flown by with not one day ever the same. Everything from an elabourate royal wedding celebration to chasing escapee chickens into their pens, I feel like I’ve seen it all, but something tells me this is just the beginning. I’ve been lucky enough to taste test some of Mama’s cooking creations. Her stampmieles being the best I’ve ever had! Three bowls however, could be considered excessive, but when it comes to food, “excessive” is a foreign concept to Mama.

The children as always have been amazing, misbehaving constantly, but amazing all the same.  The sudden reminder of why we are here, and do what we do, was all too real this week, with the introduction of some new children to The Sanctuary. Despite the emotions that were running through me, the two gorgeous children, in a blink of an eye, made themselves at home. Seeing the tender care Mama and her staff provided immediately on arrival, brought a tear to my eye and my arm hairs rose. Watching this first hand has strengthened the attachment I have with this inspirational place. I can walk away each day knowing just how loved these children are and I know that I am just so lucky to be a part of their lives.

Beth Mabey – Orphanage Coordinator