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New Vision for Precious Take Two

By 6 years ago
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When I came as a volunteer last year, I was privileged enough to experience the children at Precious getting there eyes tested. Vijay Opticians located in Mombasa Town have given up there time and dedication again this year to test all the children in Precious Vision for free. It was a very exciting day testing all the children starting from the Kindergarten class all the way up to Standard Six.

One week after the eye testing we brought the children that needed further testing into Vijays Opticians. There was alot of anxious children pondering weather they would get “Spectacles”. Out of the twenty five children we brought for further testing only nine need glasses. Some children also need drops for things like worms and conjunctivitis. They also got there frames fitted that day.

It is a great prospect for the children having this opportunity to improve there schooling with better vision.
Aoife, September 2011