Monthly Achievement Report - Math's Class!

By Patrick Rose 3 years ago
Categories Luang Prabang

Thanks to our skilled volunteers we have been able to provide maths lessons to some novice monks at the local Children’s Library. Read on to find out more!



  • Provide authentic and life changing volunteering experiences to GVI volunteers, which address genuine local needs
  • Recognising and responding to the educational needs of the Luang Prabang community


An exciting new addition to the educational support that GVI provides students in Luang Prabang was the creation of our first mathematics class. Held at the Luang Prabang Library, these classes have allowed GVI volunteers to broaden GVI’s educational impact beyond English teaching, while enabling GVI to utilise a new skill set identified within our volunteer team.



What began in May as a two week experiment has gone from strength to strength throughout the year. Novices from a variety of temples seized the opportunity to further their knowledge and benefit from focused and personalised tuition at the daily maths class.





While December has unfortunately seen the successful program draw to a close, we are extremely proud of what has been achieved through the year, and are confident about the possibility of this program returning in 2015.



A huge thank you to the volunteers Yvonne, Barbara, Alex, Caitlin, Salome and Ammon, whose dedication and knowledge ensured a fantastic educational opportunity for these students!