Megan's time at RMMS

By 5 years ago
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I have spent 4 weeks volunteering on Tovuto base on the education program and spending time with the amazing kids at the Ratu Meli Memorial School has been such a memorable experience. I was placed with class 5; students aged 9-10 but all the kids at school love to interact with the volunteers, so you get plenty of high fives as you walk down the veranda! All the children are enthusiastic and energetic with many questions about your life back home. They love to get involved with everything your doing but especially love to play sport, chasing all the volunteers around the rugby field! They have so much energy that they love anything active.

One of the most rewarding aspects of volunteering at Ratu Meli Memorial school is the one-on-one program that works with students that are struggling in Maths and English. In class 5 I worked with 5 students who all varied widely with how much support they needed. From reading to spelling and all aspects of maths, it is amazing to see the progress in these kids and the accomplishment they feel when they master a certain skill. It also gives you a certain sense of achievement and pride in the students. I will be sad to say goodbye to the children at the school but they have made my time volunteering on the Tovuto base and my time at Ratu Meli Memorial school unforgettable. 

Megan Sykes – Education Volunteer