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Meet the team: The Scholars @ Pez Maya

By Andy and Sam 3 years ago
Categories Yucatan

I’m Sam; currently I am a scholar here at Pez Maya. I am from England, a Conservation Biology Graduate from the University of Plymouth, and just this year completed my Divemaster internship through the GVI Mexico program.


My general role on base is much like that of the other staff members, I am here to help plan and carry out the day to day logistics and to help train the volunteers in all aspects of our science program. Myself and other scholars are also in charge of some other pretty important aspects on base, including our monthly food shops and the maintenance of our bar and tuck system. When you work as much as we do, a lot of people’s thoughts are based around when and what the next meal is going to be, so we have to make sure there is enough to go round!


I applied for the scholarship directly after my Divemaster internship as it is a great way to get your foot in the door of the conservation working world, as well as giving you great management and logistics experience. And so far the experience has been plentiful, scholars really are necessary and are a pretty vital addition to the small team we have here.





Hi! My name is Andy, I was born in Mexico City, I majored in Biology and my passions are sports, especially scuba diving. I heard about GVI nearly a year ago when a friend recommended the program to me. I really needed a change in my routine, so I applied for the national scholarship and fortunately I got it. I have to say, those 3 months I spent living in Pez Maya were incredible. I loved it so much that I decided to apply for the position of scholar and 3 months later I got the job.


As a scholar, I have specific tasks like helping in the diving day, training volunteers in the monitoring methods or controlling the social media but just like Sam I’m here to help in anything I can. I think that’s the major role of a scholar, doing whatever needs to be done. Doesn’t matter what it is, we can cook lunch for everyone at base, do the 4 week shopping or help volunteers with their fish or coral. The role of the scholar is to be there for everyone and give a helping hand.


These past months have also been amazing. This experience makes you grow not only in a professional way but also a personal way.