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A list of observations from The Western Cape, South Africa

By Dorothy Richards 3 years ago
Categories Cape Town


Here’s a few observations on South Africa:
1. Ketchup is sweet
2. Sugar is in everything… See above comment about sweet ketchup
3. A lot of BMWS’
4. People just walk out in front of cars to cross traffic
5. Tomato flavoured crisps
6. Nothing is ever on time
7. Now doesn’t mean now but rather 10 mins  from now
8. Its very windy
9. The weather can change within 5 mins to the exact opposite
10. The locals are very friendly
11. Food colouring in crisps (stains for days!)
12. 11 official languages
13. Wild goats and chickens
14. The scenery is very pretty
15. Shipping containers have many usages on land (not for shipping)
16. Some things cannot be explained
17. This is Africa! (TIA)