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Voice from the field April 24, 2013 –  Joshua  

My day 

I started the day with some cereal and a fresh ripe mango. I attended Spanish lessons from 9am to noon with the other childcare volunteers, Natasha and Camilla. It was about 28◦C by then and the shade in the classroom huts was welcome. In the afternoon I returned to the flat to cook myself lunch. Quesadillas made with fresh local tortillas and stringy quesillo cheese. This afternoon’s visit to the ludateca proved to be the most fun and rewarding visit yet. The ludatecarias are very warm and welcoming to all the volunteers and GVI staff. Many of the kids now call me by name in Spanish, pronounced “Yosh.”  I helped some of the older kids with an activity to make a hurricane contingency plan. They were eager to teach me some Spanish while we worked on their poster. Later we played some fast paced games at the basketball court around the corner from the ludateca, which were great fun. Lots of laughing and running until the end of the evening. I already am looking forward to my next visit to the ludateca. 

Outside of Solexico (Spanish School)

First trip to the beach in Playa Del Carmen, in the late afternoon.