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Laura and Louise's Nepali Experience - Part 2

By 5 years ago
Categories Pokhara

A very early start got us on the tourist bus, heading to the start of our white-water rafting for those who had chosen to do it. Jaam jaam (let’s go). Wetsuits on with waterproof jacket and helmet, we set off while the others headed on with the luggage. The two days of rafting were great fun. Low winter water levels meant it wasn’t too scary for us first-timers, but didn’t stop us falling in. Surprisingly, a delicious picnic was provided for lunch on the river bank that kept us paddling. On our second day there was the added excitement of becoming a taxi for 15 Nepali men who wanted to cross the river to see a dead body. They then asked our boat man to ferry it back to the other side. Thankfully we had Shamila there to save us with a big Nepali “no”. 

Our night at the big fig tented camp, was really comfortable with great food, warm tents, and comfy beds, and we loved seeing the Trisuli Centre. Straight from rafting we hopped on a noisy, full, local bus to our volunteer placement- Nuwakot. 

We couldn’t believe our luck with the home comforts of the Famous Farm, where we had the luxury of Western toilets, almost constant electricity and often hot showers. We got on very well with the staff, and got to know them well over the 4 weeks we spent there. We helped out with their chores in our spare time: chopping, polishing, sweeping, and once carrying thatch to the great amusement of the locals. We enjoyed being able to talk with the guests and get the Western food they were given, but we also loved a quiet night with no guests, when we could play cards, talk more with the staff and hear Bhata’s (the chef) wonderful singing! 

To their frustration, we were abysmal at picking up the language, even with their many attempts at teaching us. Tiikcha (OK) became our standard reply to whatever the said to us. On days off it was so nice to be able to chill out in the garden with a book, looking out over the valley below and the distant snowy mountains. Of course, this was when we weren’t doing our clothes washing local style with basin and soap bar. 

Laura Craig Harvey and Louise Mosley – 2012 6wks in Nuwakot