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You know you've been on a monkey survey when...

By Ellen Karlsson, Kirsi Rautio, Michelle Sagers and Annie Knell 3 years ago
Categories Jalova

…you have a frog for a brooch

…twigs and leaves become must have hair accessories

…you find your first dreadlock

…falling in a hole means swamp juice up to your chin

…you find it reasonable to shampoo your hair at least three times

…you have to shave your legs to get the grime off

…your toes look like prunes

…week old socks smell fresh

…you have enough water in your wellies to support a small aquarium

…you no longer bother putting dry clothes on in the morning

…you are still pulling thorns out of your body three days later

…the only person still dry is the base manager

…your lucky number is 55

…all your laundry takes on a permanent brown hue

…you know how to fall over without anyone noticing

…it isn’t worth emptying your wellies again

…you can squelch the theme tune to George of the Jungle with your wellies

…you can hear the monkeys mocking you

…your tummy aches from laughing

…after all this you want to go back out again

and most importantly

…you haven’t seen a single monkey since you started the survey!