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The Karongwe Games

By Grant Baker - Intern 4 years ago
Categories Jalova

When we are not out on drive seeing the amazing wildlife the team here at Karongwe enjoy a little healthy competition. This past Sunday we had an extremely entertaining day full of fun events testing our physical and mental abilities – it was the Karongwe Games!


There were four teams involved, three volunteer and one staff. After laying down a few ground rules the first leg of the competition was off. Staff member Milanie hosted a riveting game of safari trivia testing our knowledge of the natural world. New member of staff Robbie, with help from Kerri, created a brilliant treasure hunt, using wit testing riddles that had teams running all around base. Top chef Brie was in the kitchen cooking up some bizarre concoctions in the food eating competition leaving many competitors with bad breath for the rest of the day.


After a quick water break the teams put their heads together for the second leg of the games which included our favorite past time here at Karongwe and one of our most improved sports, volleyball. One of the highlights of the games was Lost and Found. Teams were blind-folded and taken on a roller coaster ride by bases wildest driver Rosie, to a location on the reserve, using only their navigational skills and a road map, teams had to use their best instincts to find their way back to base. Teams were scored on the quickest time back and for their teamwork abilities.

To truly embrace the African culture of the games there was a bottle-balancing-on-head competition and an impala poo spiting competition. In the last leg of the Karongwe games point totals were tight and it was anybody’s to win. Extremely animated charades were played and in our last competition our scientific knowledge was tested by Veronica in Game of Bones. A game where identifying the right skulls earned you a place on the winners podium.

There were many laughs and big smiles all day but in the end the staff team took home the first place medal. Although it started off as a competition the end result was all of us came together as a team and enjoyed one another’s company on another beautiful day in Karongwe.

Many thanks to Grant Baker and Maya Kerstetter for organising the day’s fun!