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Jaguars sightings in Pez Maya!

By 5 years ago
Categories Yucatan
It was a normal morning, people woke up to start their duties when suddenly… they noticed some strange foot prints on the sand… Jaguar footprints!!
After the first sighting, the footprints were seen a couple more times and the excitement grew as  they kept finding them around base.

A couple of days later, during a beach clean, a dead green turtle was found in the bushes! We thought it was the Jaguar as in other parts of the Reserve and the world, the Jaguars are eating marine turtles when they come up to nest! 

This just confirmed the idea that a Jaguar is around the Pez Maya base, to confirm our theory even more, Willem, one of the staff members was driving down the road when suddenly three jaguars came out from the bushes!!! A female and two cubs!! Willem was so excited that when he arrived to base he went to wake up everybody to tell them about his amazing encounter.

Our partners, Amigos de Sian Ka’an (ASK) and the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas (CONANP) came to base to set up some camera traps to see if we can get a picture of the Jags around base. 

With a SCI style, they went to have a look at the dead turtle found on the beach, and after they examined the skull they also agree with the idea that the Jag ate the turtle!
The cameras were set up and we are keeping our fingers crossed to get images of the Jags around base. Will keep everybody informed if we do get them!