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Have we mentioned just how awesome our volunteers are?

By 5 years ago
Categories Pokhara
Bessie (the buffalo piñata) was a big hit.
 A lot of times, our volunteers impress us with small things.
• On hot lethargic days, they still find the energy chase after screaming children and they manage to no look too uncomfortable when those kids climb all over their laps.
• Some days our volunteers are inspired to make piñatas or create a game or art project to do at our project sites and they fashion a fun afternoon for the kids and incidentally themselves.
• Other days, volunteers run up to staff with a story about a kid or a teacher who made them laugh or otherwise inspired and awed them.
And recently, one of our volunteers who participated in our Charitable Trust Challenge, Rubbing Buddha’s Belly, was motivated enough to go home and give a speech where she works regarding her trip to Nepal. It must have been some speech, because her coworkers donated 200 Australian dollars to go to feeding the Street Children’s Rehabilitation Centre for the next year.
So we just wanted to say thanks because a lot of times our volunteers inspire us. They are passionate, hard working and incredibly fun.
Basically, we wanted to gloat because our volunteers are so cool.