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Hakuna Matata

By 5 years ago
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Hakuna Matata

My journey in Kenya, summary of my time here.
Since the first day I went to the schools, Olives and Nyota, I fell in love with both of them. The kids sheer their joy and energy in a way that invites you to take part in that joy with them. I have found here the brightest smiles I have even seen in my life. Smiles that have fulfilled my experience, smiles that invite to live that of life where “Hakuna Matata” is the number one slogan.

Volunteer Mariana with Std 3

I have enjoyed every step of the way of my teaching; from the nerves of meeting my class and giving the first lesson, to Madam Aya’s last art lesson: writing thank you letters to Madam Mariana.
Std 3 busy enjoying a arts lesson
Learning 22 different names was a complete challenge for me. As the goal of enabling all the children to continue onto university may still be far away, the summed effort of all the volunteers will make a huge difference. The individual lives of the children. Talent and will to learn makes its way into every classroom.
Volunteer Mariana at Adult Community Class

All in all, teaching the crazy standard 3 has been amazing! I will miss their euphoric “Good morning Madam” as I stepped into the classroom.

Even though I was here as a teacher, I have learnt many life lessons which I will forever taste.
By Mariana Zendejas