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GVI Mexico signs partnership with Save the children Quintana Roo

By 5 years ago
Categories Yucatan

Last week GVI Mexico signed a partnership with Save the children, Quintana Roo to support the work they do in this Mexican state. Save the children identified that 95% of the children in Cancun suffer from some type of aggression either physical or verbal and 70% suffer of abandonement which makes them more vulnerable to be kidnapped for sex trade and to be used as mules by drug dealers, as children will not face prison if caught, among other issues. 
Therefore, they have created the toy libraries or children centers where they can go while their parents are working. In this centers children not only go to spend time, they have structured programs where they play while learning their rights and understanding ethical values, gender equality, etc so they can grow into productive citizens. This partnership is part of one of the new programs GVI Mexico will have next year, where volunteers will have the opportunity to help out with this amazing work!