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GVI Mexico minichallenge! Ecomarathon

By 5 years ago
Categories Yucatan

This week we have also been working in preparations for the 10th Marine turtle festival, celebrating and raising awareness of turtles in the area, and training runs for those who have signed up to the 10km race in Playa del Carmen on Saturday 28th October. Unfortunately for those running, it seems the organisers made a mistake when planning the course so the 10km is in fact, 13km ;). Those not running will be split between those helping out at the festival and those cheering on our runners. Those running are Marty, Rhu, Valeria, Tristan, Ben, Robbie, Johannes, Sam, Carlos, Phil and Mike.
If you would like to sponsor those running, please go to www.justgiving.com/gvimexicoecomarathon all money raised goes to support Punta Allen recycling center construction, which is in the process of being built with governmental resources and funds raised by GVI former volunteers and staff members. This particular fund raise will pay for 5 trips to enter construction material to the reserve as it is very expensive to transport  the material there due to the distance and bad conditions of the road. If you would like to sponsor anyone in particular please write in the comments the name of who you are supporting!