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Great results for Safe House children

By 5 years ago
Categories Cape Town
I recently had a phone call that made my week. Since leaving Fish Hoek we have been able to maintain fairly regular contact with our partners and I was lucky to be able to visit Kiddies Corner for their graduation ceremony two weeks ago. I was very pleased to see how much our partners still appreciated us and how well they were doing now that we are not there every day and this phone call made that even clearer. It was Rachel, one of the safe house mothers.  She was ringing to tell me that she had just collected the report cards of all her children and they had all passed well. In fact one passed so well that she has been awarded a scholarship to begin in 2014. Quite apart from the fact it is always nice to chat to friends that haven’t been seen for a while, it was a wonderful feeling to know that, after 3 months, we are still thought of in Masi, and that our work is still bearing fruit. I know that anyone who has been involved with the Safe Houses since we started there in August 2011 will agree that we had the pleasure of working with some incredibly bright children and from Rachel and myself thank you to every person who came through GVI Fish Hoek for helping them to realise their potential.

Nick Herrick

Project Manager