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From the English Countryside to Kenya

By Georgia Carrington - Conservation Intern 5 years ago
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First week in the forest. The forest surveys are amazing fun. It is great having to fight your way through tree branches, bushes and climb over old tree trunks.

It doesn’t help that our bags seem to get caught in every stray branch and prevent you from fitting through narrow gaps; as well as this your hair gets tangled in everything and full of leaves! There are small cuts and bruises all over my arms and legs but they are defiantly worth it for the adventures we have trying to find our way back to the track after we have strayed, attracted by colourful birds and noisy monkeys.

Whilst working our way through the forest we have the different surveys to undertake, so we are always on the look out for primates, birds and anything else of interest or any human disturbance to the forest. There are also lots of cheerful butterflies fluttering around to brighten up the forests and put a bigger smile on my face! This forest in Kenya is very different then the English countryside I am used too.

I am starting to be able to identify these exotic birds and I am gaining an in-depth understanding of how to look at a troop of monkeys and know their species, sex and age, as well as contributing to really important scientific data. All this knowledge makes the experience extra rewarding and special.  The bio-diversity in this forest is rich, there is so much to see and I can’t wait to go out again and experience it all!

Georgia Carrington – Conservation intern