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Fifth week in Pez Maya! New arrivals, BTEC and interesting lectures!

By 6 years ago
Categories Yucatan

Pez Maya’s new inhabitants have arrived safely and sound and are busy exploring base and its surroundings. We warmly welcome Marina, Will, Craig, Tom, Kenny, Ellie and Anne into our midst!

After the long weekend GVI volunteers had one mighty fine day of diving, followed up by stormy couple days which has limited the amount of time spent underwater (and the swell times of getting back in the boat afterwards). Instead base members were bombarded with interesting lectures concerning their BTEC assignments, followed by a presentation regarding the reef’s fragile ecosystem, topped off by the film ‘End of the Line’ which made everybody even more disgusted with long-lining than they already were.
Spirits are high as the weekend approaches and optimism is prevailing: Perfect weather conditions in order to dive into the Big Blue are just around the corner. .!
Hasta la semana proxima,
Thalie, Neil and Freja.